M60 Machine Gun

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Hi all Polycounters. Latest entry.

Done for the Mod World at War. Rendered in UE4. I'm taking a personal copy further into Marmoset 2. 

My aim was to compare it to other versions seen in games such as Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, and top them in terms of quality. Compared to previous generations, there were ideas I had I wanted to include.  I haven't seen many versions of this posted on the web so I thought I'd take this copy produced from scratch and post it.

Based from the original variant, 1960's era, nicknamed "The Pig" for it's large and bulky appearance.

The Unreal 4 version is fully complete from the game standpoint, but the other renders in Marmoset 2 are yet to come. If any of you feel like adding any suggestion or feedback along the way; feel free. I'd really like to find out what you all think.

Other than that, enjoy.


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