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The Greatest Journey ~ Single Player Only Halo Experience

 Hello! My name is Brian Hamlin. I am currently putting together a team of artists and coders to develop a small but intriguing First Person Shooter story experience in Unity 5.

 The Greatest Journey is a small independent Halo story being developed legally under Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules (available here), which dictate that we can produce this game but with a few restrictions. 

 It is Single Player only (for now), meaning we will not be working with networking for the time being. It's definitely not our priority for multiplayer. But it's not entirely ruled out either.

 The story focuses on the relationship between three Sangheili brothers in the final two years of a great war in ancient times. The focus was to make it emotionally unique by harnessing music and relationships to mess with the player's feelings.

 We are desperately in need of a concept artist for this game, so if you have any artistic skills in that field please private message me and I will pass my email and Skype over to you.

 All fields we need filled are listed below. They are listed in order from Most Wanted to Not Needed.
 1. Concept artists capable of interpreting scenes from transcripts and painting them in layers.
 2. Modelers capable of creating and rigging "Indie Quality" characters, vehicles, and props.
 3. Animators capable of animating characters and scenery.
 4. Intermediate/Advanced Programmers of C# for Unity3D.
 5. Musician capable of composing cinematic tracks.
 We are not aiming for a AAA visual experience, but AAA storytelling experience. Visual fidelity of the final product is not a priority. We also understand that you cannot devote your time fully to this project.

 Also, please note that this project is prohibited by Microsoft to earn profit. In their rules we are prevented from earning money from the selling of this game, so it will be free. But, Microsoft clearly stated as well that we can in fact ask for an optional donation when they download the game and as a kickstarter-campaign-like deal. So profit for your work is not out of the question, but won't be coming right away until we have something solid to show off.

 Here's a preview at the game's current UI design. Note, the logo displays "Journey," this has since changed, since Playstation owns rights to that title. All the music is owned by Microsoft and is holding the places of the actual soundtrack when it comes. The background art pieces are placeholders as well. However, the rest of the menu was coded and designed by me in Unity. Note, the multiplayer button was there just as a concept so we could get more familiar with UI design. Remember, multiplayer is not a priority here. It will be removed soon.


 If you'd like to know more, please private message me on this forum. I do not wish to publicly post my email and Skype address, but if you are interested and private message me I will gladly share that information with you, along with answers to all of your questions.

 Have a great day, and I look forward to talking to you soon.
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