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WIP St. Mary’s Church from Downton Abby

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Hi! This is my first WIP post on polycount! Please any crits on the work or post itself would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a look at the most recent wip project Church I’ve been putting together for Ever Jane.

Church West Side South Hall North Wall
East Wall West Wall
I started with reference images and a location search on google of St. Mary’s Church (i just found this 360 view! wish i found it earlier!!).
Bampton 21 Lowres alton-to-cotswolds-242 08 03

And then modified the top-down layout to fit Ever Jane’s game needs… this meant cutting a ton of unnecessary space from the actual church.

Theirs (left), my version (right)

It’s not as far as I want to take it…. i’m prepping for version 2.0 … And playing Fallout 4. I'm thinking version 2 will have thicker walls to support the pretty windows, a better sense of scale, and nicer texture work, lighting, and more of the layout from the original church.

Here’s some earlier blockout images too:

Draft1_2 Draft1_unity1 Draft1_unity2 Window_coolSquaresBro 


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