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Would anyone be willing to create a concept I have?

Now I would like to start off with saying I've just started to take classes for this type of stuff, but it's a VERY long road before I can actually attempt most things required for this kind of stuff.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone was willing to do a collaboration, but do most of the work. Yes I don't mind receiving less or nothing besides credit for the concept for a set I have in mind, but aslong as I can see my idea come to life, or atleast some of it, if changes are needed.

I can provide small things, such as the concept & perhaps some artwork... but I'm no pro. If money is required I'm willing to negotiate. 

  • Need 3D modeler, Artist. (Would also like) Animation+Special effects.
  • I can provide a concept, some artwork, etc..
  • You'd be doing like all the work... unless a beginner can help.
  • Sets for Omniknight.
  • I just want credit for helping.
P.S. I'll provide the concept art or discuss it if going about things this way isn't too crazy... Advice & discussion is always welcome. Also if this is the worst way to do things, sorry.


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