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Sci-Fi Med Bed

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Kristo null
Hello all, this is my first ever post to polycount. I've been training myself in my free time for a year now. It took me a while but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I saw a job posting on a company's website and they publicly opened an art test. It was a medical bay equipment and a handheld equipment. After completing the substance painter tutorials made by Allegorithmic, I wanted to try myself with this challange and created a medical scanner/bed. Then i imported the model to UE4.

My references were the MedPod in Prometheus, modern sick beds, and medical equipment from Star Trek.

I'd appreciate any feedback.


  • griffiti
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    griffiti polycounter lvl 4
    Looking good so far :) Is the bed meant to be brand new or used? At the moment it doesn't look ultra hi-tech because of the dullness of the white. I'd put more geometry in the base plinth (and potentially any other curved surface) as the faceting is really obvious here. The black part of the bed could have some detail in the texture as well so more a first glance you can see where the healing happens.
  • Kristo
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    Kristo null
    Thank you Griffiti for your feedback. It is a slightly used equipment with very little wear here and there. As for the high-techness of it, i actually had mixed opinions about it in my mind. Here is my mindset while doing it. In general, high-tech stuff we see all consists of "digital" components everywhere. But i thought, "if we're in the future, why are we still trying to make things appear as complex as possible?" In my mind, the future is more flat and simple. So i thought, instead of modelling panels everywhere, I wanted to create a base computer control panel and that's it. Everything should be controlled from those places. This was my main motivation. I don't know if it's a correct approach or not.

    For the base plinth, I agree with you. I should add more geometry there and i will. I'll also work on the bed texture too. 

    Thank you.
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