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[Alt Helmet] - Excalibur - Kabutomushi

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Skella polycounter lvl 2

Basing the design of my Excalibur alternate off of Japanese Rhinoceros Beetles. I've always liked beetles because they simultaneously look like they're organic and robotic. That crossover of organic and robotic is something I wanted to bring to this head.

Think I'm finished my paintover. Next up is the rough shaping of a sculpt.

Started up on sculpting. Tweaking the design a little bit. Also, the default head was longer than I thought.

Smoothed out some shapes to see if I still like them.

Much more detail, and I think a finalized design. I might noodle around a little more, but this should be what the final looks like more or less.

Probably done now. Lopoly is up next.

God I am so bad at retopo. I'll likely be finishing this up, then pulling it into another 3D program to tidy it up.

Made some mistakes, had to re-retopo, and re-sculpt. Added some new details. Hopefully, this is the last sculpt and I can bake, and adjust before the weekend hits.

Textures are done! Huge thanks to Actually Hex (on Steam) for their texturing help and additional support!

And there they all are on the head, and in the Tennogen tool! Couldn't figure out how to get the tintmask to actually change colors in that tool, (for anything mind you, not just my head) But this is it! Last post before I submit.


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