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[PAID] Experienced Rigger AND Animator


I am currently looking for an EXPERIENCED Rigger AND Animator, someone who I can send a model too, have them do the rig, and then do the animations. Please only apply if you meet these requirements.

You are experienced with Maya and are running the latest version(2016)
You are experienced with working with exporting assets for Unity
You are experienced with blend shapes and bone animations.
You are experienced with building a rig with both bone and blend shapes.
You get the job done on time, and efficient.
You are available to chat on Skype.
You are experienced with Video Game animations.
You have no problem singing an NDA
You take Paypal
You are available to work ASAP.
You are US based.

And when I say experienced it means you have been around the block a few times, and most
tasks you can complete with ease. Looking for a veteran here.

I Pay half up front and half when completed, but require all asset files upon completion, including all Maya files you did animation with.

I have 3 small animations that are needing to be done ASAP.
Paypal standing by.

Please PM me your portfolio with video game animations with models.


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