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[Weapon Swap] – Jat Kittag – Messorem Iudicii

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I've been trying to focus more on hard-surface lately and this looks like a great contest, so I couldn't pass it up. I've recruited my good friend Matthew to be my concept artist and motivator on this one.

We've chosen to do a weapon swap in the flavor of the Jat Kittag. He pushed me a quick, rough sketch and some details so we could get our thread started and get rolling. I'm sure he'll chime in at some point in the thread if there is any feedback, criticism, or questions about the design.

From Matthew:
Messorem Iudicii (The Reaper's Judgment)

"Imbued with the eternal power of Death itself, this two-handed gavel is comprised of the Reaper's remains. Harnessing the powerful energy of the necro-matter contained within the elder Tenno skull fragment, Messorem Iudicii is a formidable weapon capable of extreme damage. Several exhaust ports allow for the effective dispersion of excess energy while propelling the indestructible skull of death into the wielder's enemies. The large and elongated handle resembles that of a spinal cord."

Initial sketch:

We are both relatively new to the Warframe universe, so we're really relying on the guidance of the community to help mold our design and its backstory.

As always, feedback and critique is welcome. Good luck to everyone!



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