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[Weapon Swap] - Kronen - Hooked Kronen

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Stosh polycounter lvl 4
This will be my entry into the Warframe contest. Going mainly off of the theme of the Tenno as tech warrior ninjas, I wanted to find some other similar weapons to the list of weapons we could recreate in the contest. I liked the idea of incorporating a "hooked" blade or hook type curve to a blade whether it be for the Skana, Orthos, or Kronen. In my research I found the "Twin Hook Swords." 

I'm going to work on creating a hybrid between theses two enforcing the hooked blades, but gonna mess with concepts with more or less of a hook and play with how the back end of the Kronen will incorporate some of the features from the Twin Hooked Blades. Concepts to come soon and excited to be part of this contest :smiley: 


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