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Hello everybody,
I want to share with you the progress of work for my new project is the Hospital
This setting is a modular environment I create for the marketplace
I plan to create 2 different settings of hospital - such as a modern hospital - which will include a modular corridors, walls, floors, doors, laboratory, surgery, elevator,and much more
And 2nd seting will be include the old psychiatric hospital in horor art style this is a modular assets
I would be interested to know your opinion and feedbacks about the art part, I will post updates time to time

Since I plan to make the hospital a few pieces in different styles, I started to study the images of various medical institutions and select the most suitable pictures for every style (sci-fi , modern, and old psychiatric hospital  in horror style )
References for sci-fi hospital

References for modern part of the hospital

And references for the old psychiatric hospital  in horror style

Working on the setting of these all the time I have in mind that all parts of the environment should be universal - modular, making a base set of modules I can make any room configuration.
After I finished work on the modules to the walls ceilings, floors, and doors, I'll start working on filling the space. This will be a variety of medical devices, surgical tables, beds, devices, tables, chairs, and a lot of other different things.


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