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[Marvelous Designer] Adding weight and removing vacu-forming to clothing

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Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
Hey Polycount:

Question: How do I add more weight and remove the amount of cloth-to-skin attraction to clothing in Marvelous Designer?  What variables should I be tweaking to achieve that?

The explicit example I have is making  a sweater, where the simulation is making the clothing super attracted to the skin, instead of having it feel weighty and just draping itself downwards.  The bottom rim of the sweater as well rides up the avatar during simulation, when instead I want it to be weighty to drag the sweater bottom downwards, and cinch to create a bottom paunch.


  • Aabel
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    Aabel polycounter lvl 6
    Your sweater is probably too small. Check the tension map and Measure your model and make sure your garment is large enough. Unlike the real world the clothing in marvelous designer won't rip and tear if it's too small, it will just ride up and behave in an odd way.
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