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Hi all,
First time posting with this site, exciting! 
So I've been working away at this piece for a while, It's not quite finished yet, but there's something that is off that I can't quite place. I was hoping for some advice.

Thanks !


  • ralphosn
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    ralphosn vertex
    I really like the mood and the way you paint but it feels a little weird to me because of three things:
    - The perspective lines of the river don't match up witch the high horizon. Maybe you intended the weird shape but a real river wouldn't go smaller in a bend like that.
    - The scale looks off. The rocks at the side of the river look huge compared to rest. Might be on purpose but it feels unnatural.
    - Floating village make a lot of questions rise. To what is it attached? You can't really place it into the space because it has no shadow or reflections. Also the bended rock gets light from it, but on the water the light stops way earlier?
  • eveyart
    Thanks ! Mood is really what I was aiming for. 
    I'm not sure what you are seeing with the riving, is it the reflection of the trees that make it look a weird shape? I may have to render that area more..
    The rocks were intentionally big on the shoreline (I was looking at the great Canadian shield for inspiration) but I can see what you are saying, I think I'll need to add more detail and more rocks along the river to enforce this.
    The city was intended to be carved out of the mountain, does it not read as this? I may have to adjust it, is it the shadows on the water (right under the city) that confuse this? 
    Ah! The lights really should be extended on the water, nice spotting that, I will adjust.
    Thank you, I really appreciate the critique
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