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[Alt Helmet] – Excalibur – Feudal

Hey everyone. First post here on Polycount! I'm working on an alt helmet for the Excalibur that fits with a skin variation I created and posted on the Steam Workshop.

I wanted to make a helmet that goes with it so I'm currently in the exploration phase of the sculpt trying to find the silhouette that I like.

I want to go with something that's inspired a bit by feudal Japan, but with a futuristic flair. The above is by no means set in stone so please give me suggestions. I wanted to add something to the top in reference to the crescent shape found one some helmets but it just looks too much like horns. I'm going to change it to something that flows a bit more on the sides and backwards.

The one thing I've learned in making skins for Warframe is that the fans want lights, lights, lights... I don't want to go insane with lights as I want it to fit with the armor texture, but I certainly want to make it cool looking. I was originally thinking of adding lights in eye-slot areas, but for now I'm leaning towards a line of lights up the front (where the indents are).

Please feel free to critique and give suggestions. It's still at an early enough stage I can make major changes.


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