Material ball RT + setup Marmo & Substance Painter

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CB3D null
Hello everyone,

I put in a free download real-time material ball.

With a complete set-up in substance Painter so you can quickly and easily create your materials.
I also offers a full set-up in Marmoset to make your renders (rendered image and video viewer).

Everything is already configured for you !

Your turn to play ! (ps : Sorry for my bad english language ^^)

Thanks :) 

French :

Si vous aimez la 3D temps réel, la création de matériaux, cette material ball est faite pour vous!

Téléchargez dès à présent et gratuitement, cette material ball avec ses maps de qualités ! Retrouvez un setup complet sous Substance Painter pour créer vos matériaux rapidement et un setup complet sous Marmoset Toolbags afin de mettre vos rendus 3D temps réel de vos matériaux en valeurs.

Tout est déjà paramétrés! Alors, prêt à vous amuser?


  • mr_
    cool idea dude! was working on the exact thing, but didn't finished it (see image below).

    may I suggest you to possibly post it here? in case someone else would like to use it in the future:
  • CB3D
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    CB3D null
    Of course, I'll see later on to post on the link you proposed.

    I currently work on a material of carbon fiber .
    I will make two versions, one clean and one dirty.


    Marmo screen

  • CB3D
  • Bek
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    Bek greentooth
    Hey, neat idea. When I opened the provided TB2 scene the "material ball" material didn't have its textures applied; if TB2 does relative paths I'd expect it to have its normal map loaded. Also I'm not sure if you should have the secondary reflection enabled for this preset, as it's more of an exception rather than a rule for materials (things like carbon fiber make sense, but not common materials like brick, wood, metal etc). Maybe go easy on the post-processing effects too, or provide a secondary camera just for that. I also changed the default material to GGX reflection which I believe Substance uses rather than blinn-phong.

    Also, you should totally provide a 16-bit normal map with this, otherwise super shiny materials make the banding from the 8-bit normal map quite obvious. And unfortunately it looks like you've baked your normal map with different triangulation than the model you've provided has, leading to the X-shaped smoothing errors on the top of the circular "stand". It also seems that the cutaway faces on this stand do not have any normal information baked, which means they have oddly sharp edges in comparison to the rest of the model.

    The good news is that's all easily fixable. if anything above is unclear let me know and I'll do my best to help.
  • CB3D
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    CB3D null
    Hi BEK ,

    Thank you for your precise and constructive comments .
    I see that there were some problems with the smooth / normal map after the launch of the model . I have already corrected .
    I expect to finish the carbon fiber material , and I begin the corrections.
    Of course, if you want to help you are welcome , the idea is to proposed something full and scalable.

    Thank you,
  • CB3D
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    CB3D null
    Last up. (maybe)

  • Poinball
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    Poinball polycounter lvl 5
    Look really nice !
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