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Survivor's attic - University Project

I am currently 3rd year student studying Games Design at The University of Central Lancashire. 
I am specializing in 3D environment design.

This is a scene i am creating for one of my university projects.
It is an attic where a survivor is or has been staying in during an zombie apocalypse/epidemic.
I wanted to incorporate more storytelling in my environment design.

Any help or criticism is always welcome.  

Here is a Pinterest Board that shows my reference and inspirations: 


  • ReedyProduction
    So i started out planning my scene on paper. apologies for poor quality and unreasonable size of pictures. Also listed a few things i wanted to include for storytelling elements.
  • ReedyProduction
    here are some of the models i have produced so far.

    1. Mattress, Pillow and blanket - had to learn ncloth, textured blanket and mattress in substance. Mattress needs redoing as the texture is not at all near what i am looking for. Also i need to make a low poly version of the blanket as it is too high poly. Think the pillow is abit stiff so that might need adjusting abit.
    2. Knife - happy with model. i need to bake high poly (on the right) onto the the low poly for the normals. i plan to take this into substance painter for texturing.
    3. Whiskey bottle and cap - happy with model. i need to find out how to achieve a glass texture and also how to make as if the bottle has abit of whiskey left inside it. substance maybe?
    4. Fire axe - happy with model. plan to take into substance painter. i plan to half the model then mirror geometry after texturing.

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