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SOLVED: DDO doesn't create albedo + 3DO artifacts on launch

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Currently, when I try to load my new project into DDO, I get shown a blank (grey) albedo. I can't seem to add anything to it, and when I try to load 3DO, it immediately artifacts and doesn't display my model. I've had numerous problems with the Suite since I started using it last year, and none of the workarounds I usually use work. My model's triangulated and none of my maps should cause any problems. With Photoshop CC 2014, it loads as previously described (blank albedo, DDO artifacts). With Photoshop CS5, I get an error ("8800: General Photoshop error"). When I try to load up one of the example projects (AKS), it works fine in both versions of Photoshop, but it always artifacts in CS5. I'm about to pull my hair out. I know you guys are working on Suite 2.0 but I hate never being able to just work on something because Suite 1.8 has issues. Any help would be appreciated.

Here's what it the artifacting looks like:


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