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Wasteland Roaming Vehicle

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JasonNorman polycounter lvl 6
Hello polycounters! I'm kicking off a new project today for one of my classes over at LCAD. The assignment is to create a game ready vehicle and place it withing a miniature scene.

Lately I've been inspired by some scifi single seating vehicles and wanted to create one for myself. The idea behind this vehicle is that it would be manned by a wasteland wanderer that travels throughout a desert-like land. The vehicle itself will not be completely run down but found in decent condition and maintaned by said wanderer. The scene I'm thinking about putting it in would be a campsite with a fire pit and tent.

Here is a reference page with some images that sparked my interest

I started a very primitive block in to get some proportions and a basic idea of where I want to go with the project.
I'm thinking about making it a three wheeled vehicle that could traverse the wasteland terrain while staying relatively comfortable for the traveling wastelander. From here I'm going to find some reference images for different mechanical parts and then do a draw over before starting on the high poly model.

If anyone has some input on design elements or story ideas I would be more than happy to hear them!
I will be back with more very soon.


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