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Hey all,

I've had one curious question about the hard surface pipeline in Zbrush for a long time... but haven't really found an answer so my apologies for the newbie question in advance.
I haven't been able to find an answer across this forum for this so I've started a new topic for this so again forgive me if there is a topic that answers this already and I'm flooding this forum haha.

So my issue is that say for example I mask out an area on a sculpt and extract it as a pattern that sits on top of a metal panel of a model. After extract almost every time the new subtool suffers from wonky edges, etc... is there a specific way to correct or clean up wonky edges besides trying to sculpt it back into a perfect shape (since trying to sculpt something into a perfect shape is almost impossible) it's time consuming.. is there a specific tutorial or any tips anyone can give me in order to fix this?

Like another idea I had was to subdivide my mesh to a really high subdivision for clean definition? then...

Mask > Extract > ZRemesh and hope it fixes itself once you make it low poly and then re-subdivide it again?

Any help on this topic is very much appreciated, thank you!


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