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Transparent textures

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Anth polycounter lvl 3
Hello polycount people, i'm having trouble trying to learn how to create a texture with some parts of it transparent. I'm trying to create a hologram so I want the outside of the model to fade off so it seems like it is floating. I think the way you do this is similar to how you create foliage. Like the picture attached, on the left. So is it possible to just use a plane and have the areas of the plane which are not used transparent ?


  • X-One
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    X-One polycounter lvl 18
    Quite simply, yes, you can.

    Generally, opacity is dropped into the alpha channel of another map as an opacity mask/map does not require colour information.

    Typically, white = opaque; black = 100% transparent.

    In your case, it sounds like you'll need translucency to achieve your hologram, which means you'll need a greyscale texture that describes the falloff of the opacity.

  • Anth
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    Anth polycounter lvl 3
    Could you recommend any tutorials ?
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