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Thanks for visiting my digital sketchbook. Please leave some comments/feedback on the quick ideas and works in progress I'll be posting here.


  • IngBü

    A female character I started working on this evening. I created a base mesh in Fuse, and started sculpting details and refining the forms. She might become part of a crowd of kind of zombies for a project I am working on with a small team of independent film makers. Right now I am trying to create an asset which could be useful for both games and vfx.
  • Nettle
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    Nettle polycounter lvl 5
    Hiya IngBü, looking good.
    Nothing wrong that I can see, other than the Sterno-cleido-mastoideus  not being very obvious. (maybe you haven't gotten that far yet)
    I have a few things for you to try out if you're going for a younger looking woman
    ( but you might be going for an older look and don't need to change anything, so ignore my suggestions :P )
    I did a crap paintover in photoshop to see if you'd like the changes:

    + I brought her chin and lips down a tad
    + I made the lips a bit taller and less-wide
    + I downplayed the nasal-labial fold a bit     (I think that's what it's called hehe been a while since I learned anatomy)
    + I sharpened/straightened her jawline to point her chin
    + hinted at the sterno-cleido-mastoideus muscle

  • IngBü
    Hi Nettle, wow thanks for the effort. I will definitely consider some of your valuable suggestions during my next pass.
  • IngBü
    Got some time this evening to work on this sculpt for a bit, mostly focussing on the face. I refined some of the anatomical aspects at the neck, and started exploring the first pass of some rough skin texture. I'm not quite happy with the form of the ears yet..

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