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Undead monster : the Horla

Hi evryone ! So this is my first post at Polycount. I'm 15 and I've been practicing 3d since almost a year ! I love all that is related to heroic fantasy. Here is one of my latest creation, modeled and textured in zBrush, uved in 3d coat and rendered  in marmoset. Hope you'll enjoy it ! =)


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    Maxilator polycounter lvl 6
    Hi, I'm glad to hear that you like making models. I would recommend posting what you are creating in it's early stages so that people can give you pointers as to what you can change and give you general feedback before you go into the later stages of creating the model.
  • Wyrdalos
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    Joopson Polycount Sponsor
    Isn't the Horla supposed to be invisible? ;)

    I like it. Particularly the torso; I really like the forms. Personally, I think his short neck and big mouth makes him feel a little awkward, though. His jaw bone would have to be very thin (and likely weak) with such a big mouth. And his toes are a little boring and don't feel plausible for holding his weight. But otherwise, it's quite nice. Keep up the good work! You've got a huge head start on most.

  • Wyrdalos
    thanks for feedback joopson ! for the neck and the mouth which are a bit awkward, that was my intention to make him very strange. I will soon correct the toes ! =)
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