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[UE4] Desert Environment

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Ubuska polycounter lvl 8
Hello, polycounters. I started new UE4 environment.
This environment sat in desert, in city called Nazaralan.

My last UE4 environment could be found here: http://polycount.com/discussion/156578/ue4-cyberpunk-city-environment#latest

Here are some key references and blockout shots.
This time I started blockout phase straight in Modo, no Blender involved.

Indoor area, throne room.

Now, I'm struggling what texturing tool to use: 3DCoat or Substance Designer / Painter?
There will be lots of tiling texturing for floors and walls (bricks with sand).
I tried SD: made tesselation material and extruded bricks with height map, but I did not like the result - maybe I need more practice with this workflow.
I can go old-fashioned way: bake tiles and paint in 3DCoat. Then I can paint sand on top of floor texture (I made material functions (layers) in UE4) with vertex painting.
What do you guys suggest?


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