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Hi Guys,

this time I´m working on an architectural visualization of my college. We want to use it to show new students our campus with the Rift. Later on I´m also going to make a little fungame out of it with some students.

But at first I have to get all assets in there and still be able to play the game with at least 60 fps. Currently I´m at around 40 fps, but I´m still using full dynamic lighting and no lod´s. So there is still a lot of place for optimizations ;-)

A lot of the small Assets were created by friends of mine. I´m responsible for the whole project inside UE, the Building and everything that goes with it. Most of the textures I used were created using substance Designer. 

Next step would be to use photo projection inside Maya to get a lot of assets from our studio equipment very fast.

It´s a project I´m working on in my sparetime. But I´ll try to keep you guys up to date and really looking forward for your comments and critics :smiley:

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