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House Model LF advice

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shiddles vertex
Hello people of polycount.  I am in need of some advice on the house I have just built.  So here i am wondering what everyone else thinks of my house and has any advice on what i can do to improve it.


  • louisparai
    You should try making the edge where the house meets the grass less clean and add a stronger ambient occlusion pass to the whole thing to bring out the detail in your model.   Buildings, especially non-urban ones like this one, normally have dirt/grass pushed up against the foundation and that breaks up the area into less of a straight line.   It'd help to have a foundation of some sort, or at least a gap between the wood wall planks and the ground since in the real world they're not going to sit exactly level like that.   There's many edges on the roof of the house and the front door that look razor sharp and could use some rounding.   Try leaving small gaps between your wood beams and the wall so they don't look like they're clipping through, it'll add detail to your model and in real life the beams will also have that slight separation from imperfect construction.  

    I like that you added details like those door hinges, just make sure that they're attached to the door frames.   The scale of your textures is slightly off, I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but the orange tiles on the large section of roof are twice as big as the tiles on your smaller orange section and it's more appealing to the eye if your roofing is the same size.   Some of the wooden beams have the same issue going on, it looks like you've got the same texture resolution on the biggest wooden beam as on the smallest.   You should consider adding small props like boxes/barrels/garden tools/flowers, etc since a building rarely sits on it's own and these help to tell a quick story of what the building's purpose is and who lives there.   People can immediately tell if it's owned by a drinker, hunter, family, fisher, smith/whoever just by what's sitting on their front step.

    You've got a good starting concept and general shape going, I love working on these sorts of rustic wooden buildings, just focus on the details and try to get one beam or door or window looking just right before moving on to the next area.   Overall making this kind of building is all about the small details, especially along all the edges.
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