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[Royalty] Looking for 2D Texture Artist - White Raven Games

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White Raven Games is Looking for 2D Texture Artist

A foreword about the game:

The game is taking place in 2004, in the island of Corfu / Kerkyra. Where our protagonist is in search for his father past there. His father was institutionalized in the Corfu Mental Institute after our protagonist Tilemachos birth. So he never got the chance to meet him in person and he wasn't aware of where he was or what he was doing all this time. He later finds out from a will testimony from his mother, that his father was living and being treated in the Mental Institute for about fifty years, so he begins on a journey to find his father.

The video game is on Psychological/ Horror set. With deep story. Giving the player to experience three different story endings.

About the Job:

Hello everyone,
we are looking for a talented 2D texture artist for our game, "Case32".
You can contact me in order to send you a small sample of our work so far. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Your job will be to process UV maps into realistic textures matching the color and saturation of the environment.


Familiarity with software such as Photoshop, Painter, CrazyBump, Body Paint, Deep Paint

Familiarity with other elements of the CG process can be beneficial to texture artists, including modeling, lighting, and shading

- G
ood communication skills and the ability to work well under supervision.


- Familiarity with software such as  
Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush

Feel free to visit our page to see more content:

Please PM me asking my e-mail.

Here are a few screenshots from in-game:

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