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Fanta & 7up tank concept

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Olivierus polycounter lvl 6
Hello polycount users,

I have been practicing my 3D skills and concept thinking and i just wanted to know what you all thought about it.
This is a concept i made about fanta and 7up themed tanks.

These are the concept drawings i made before i jumped in to Blender.

This is the base model i created off the concept drawing i did in Photoshop.

And the finished result off the Fanta tank, Normals created in NDO and the textures in Substance Designer
I wasn't going for a hyper realistic style here because the Fanta themed advertisement's never are really realistic and more cartoonish.

This is the base model i did for the 7up tank.
I'm still working on the 7up tank, but he is coming up shortly.

I would love to have some Feedback or comments on my work here.

Thanks in Advance


Software used : Blender, Photoshop cc, Quixel suite (Trial) , Cycles Renderer , Substance Designer
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