Creating decals with ZBrush?

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I've made a simple bullet hole decal in ZBrush by sculpting in a box. I'm curious about the workflow of creating a decal out of this. How can i export it to a transparent diffuse and normal texture? Do you guys have any videos on this topic? Thanks for the attention! :)

ps.: I'm also planning to do other decals, like footprints, scratch marks, etc.


  • Marvin Mann
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    1) Adjust the canvas/document size under Document at the top. Turn off the big "Pro" button to turn off proportional canvas scaling. Your object is "dropped to canvas" once you've adjusted the document size, so go to Layer (at the top) -> Clear and redraw your object and hit Edit again
    2) Align it to the camera (hold shift while rotating to snap to angles)
    3) Do a BPR render (button is at top right, next to the 3D view)
    4) Export Render passes (Render at the top -> Render Passes). You can export a shaded pass (for diffuse), shadow, mask, AO, etc.

    You can play with the settings under render settings and try different materials. I usually turn off shadows and assign the flat material. ZBrush also has a normal map material by default. You can also use the MRGBZGrabber in the tool palette (usually on the right side where you also load tools and import .objs) to create an alpha.
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