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We're a small indie studio, currently developing an interesting multiplayer-rpg project Magenda that is going to be similar to LOTRO but smaller.There's currently 3 programmers, an environment artist (but cannot texture models), 2 SFX artists & capable writers / designers. We are glad to accept any contribution to the game.
We understand, that money is a priority to most of the artists, and if the option of payment is given to you (for example if you're a freelance artist) you can leave the project, you can return back to it after the freelance work is done, or not.

• + 3 years of modeling experience
• Hand painted texturing knowledge
• FBX models


It is very easy to forget the past but the past will never forget you. The story will revel four dying kingdoms always in conflicts. Each has It’s own history and enemies. Every kingdom has its own story. Kingdom of light lie in the north where it always snows and light never disappear. In there, the people live in peace for a very long time. Most of people learned from the ancient elders how to use the magical power of light. Now for the kingdom of earth which lies in the south is full of woods and forests. In there, the tribes of elves have chosen to hide from the eyes of humans. Few people have seen them. They choose to live in peace but also this is not meaning that they can not kill you with a blink of eye. And they are uses a very powerful magic which depends mainly on the element of earth. But this not means that they can superb the kingdom of fire, established by dwarfs. They like to live in mountains hidden from the eyes of any kingdom. They use magic depends mainly on element of fire to make the finest armors and swords making their defeat almost impossible. Now for the kingdom of water: Those who live in cities on the sea. They are mainly sailors and fisher men but among them there are powerful magicians knows an ancient magic uses the element of water. And finally to the last kingdom which was the past but many prophecies tells that it will come again.

In this kingdom dwarfs and elves and humans lived in peace. The magic was not divided to elements and magic used for greater good. But some saw that this was not enough. Some wanted more. Some wanted discover more than just elements, some wanted to discover the forbidden secrets that no creature can handle. In there was the birth of a new magic but it devoured the whole kingdom causing its devastation and its immediate end when this magic summoned great beasts and abominations and dragons. Many died and the kingdom turned into ruins and the big kingdom divided into four kingdoms. Many forgot this glorious kingdom. But the kingdom never forgot them when someone wanted to revive this old dangerous magic again. When someone wanted to take its power to himself. History is repeating itself again. Monsters start to appear again. Death starts to spread through forests killing trees and animals. And still grows stronger than before. The four kingdoms turn over each other again. Killing and chaos spreads everywhere. and the world striving for a new hero to safe it again. But this time no one knows from which kingdom this hero will rise.


Email: [email protected]
Skype: nejc.drobnic1


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