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Knald 1.1.0 Open Beta

Test drive Knald's latest update


Our good friends at KnaldTech have recently announced the Knald 1.1.0 Open Beta for all Knald customers. With this update the already great tool gets even better with the addition of a top notch baking solution, including features such as...

  • 16xAA (Supersampling)
  • Unique Mesh Caching System
  • 8k support
  • Non-topologically matching cages
  • Interactive Ambient Occlusion & Transmission baking
  • Instant 100% dilation/bleed
  • New settings/preferences management system
  • Next-generation DDS export including high performance support for BC6H/BC7/11_11_10 formats
  • Fast & intuitive mesh loading
  • Interactive cage adjustment within the 3d preview (push)
  • MikkTSpace support
  • Perfect viewport synchronisation
  • Custom cage and wireframe color


You can find more information including download instructions at: https://www.knaldtech.com/knald-1-1-0-open-beta/

Since the announcement of the Open Beta there have already been some fixes included in a new build: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2299882&postcount=223

If you have any feedback for the team you can chat with them in our official thread.




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