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A while ago we announced - and launched in partnership with Sketchfab- the Polycount Tower: An on-going community project that allows any and all artists to participate. Around that time we had launched the Throne Room contest which, admittedly, took some of the wind out of the towers sails. But! We're here to remind you about it again and also tell you about a brand new tool for 3DS Max users who would like to participate.


Created by Polycount's own Greg Amato, this tool expedites the tower creation process by giving you the perfect template to work from, while also validating the work you've done prior to uploading. And, once you're finished, it eases the process of getting your floor uploaded directly to the tower.


If you're interested in calling the Polycount Tower home, check out the Tower's details page here, the Tower on Sketchfab over here, and finally Greg's amazing Max plugin here.



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