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Reallusion Game Character Animation Contest

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Reallusion has teamed up with Polycount and whole bevy of sponsors to bring you our first ever animation-exclusive contest, featuring Reallusion's iClone!


This contest is pretty simple: create and submit for two categories: Best Character Animation and Best One-Minute Video. There will be a third category to which you will be judged, 'Best Use of iClone'. So while iClone is not required to be used for your entry, those of you who do use it will be able to walk away with extra prizes in addition to the two categories you'll be submitting for. As an example, if you are looking for character art to use, iClone comes stocked with some great ones!


This contest will run from April 25th to June 10th and will be hosted entirely on Polycount in our Contest & Challenges forum. When you`re ready to begin, head on in and create your WIP thread!


The prizes available are great, too. The top winner of each category will be walking away with cash, gift cards, subscriptions, and licenses.


Head on over to the full contest page for full details on the specs of the contest, what you have to do to enter, and what you have the chance of winning in our first ever animation-exclusive contest.


What are you waiting for, animators!? Go!


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