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Team Fortress 2 becomes INVINCIBLE!

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Polycount and Skybound have teamed up to bring you a contest that will meld the characters of Team Fortress 2 with world of Invincible. <More to come. Specifically mention that this is not an official Valve contest and that entry to the market place for the winners is not guaranteed>



  • This is a 3D modeling & texturing contest for the Team Fortress 2 Workshop
  • For this contest artists will complete a minimum of 3 items for one Team Fortress 2 class/character of their choice. These items must pertain to a cohesive design, as created by the artists involved.
  • This contest will run from X-date to Y-date.
  • 3 winners will be chosen for the Full item-set category.
  • Important: Winners of this contest do not get immediate entry to the Dota 2 marketplace. Ultimately that decision falls on ValvePolycount and Skybound will be choosing their favourite entries to this contest and gifting their prizes accordingly.



  • There is no limit to how many artists can work together on an item set.
  • There is no limit to how many sets you can create for the duration of the contest
  • All submissions must be original and cannot contain elements from copyrighted works, reference to other IP’s, or use of any images or material you do not own. Your entry must be derived from the Invincible brand.
  • You may team up with as many artists / concept artists as you like for this contest. If you do team up wth others please pay special attention to the Submitting guideline noted below!
  • You must be signed up and registered on Steam to enter this contest.
  • You will need Team Fortress 2 (free) and have access to the Team Fortress 2 Workshop (free).
  • All submissions to the Steam Workshop for this contest must be final. Use your WIP thread on Polycount to show your work-in-progress.
    • Please see Creating, Presenting and Submitting your Entry below for more information
  • You must be a member of Polycount to enter this contest.
    • Please see Creating, Presenting and Submitting your Entry below for more information
  • You must create and maintain a Work-In-Progress (WIP) thread for your entry in our Contest & Challenges forum.
    • Please see Creating, Presenting and Submitting your Entry below for more information



<INFO HERE> Is the info on our TF2 contest page relevant still? http://www.polycount.com/team-fortress-2-polycount-pack/



You must submit all the raw model & texture files for your items at the TF2 Workshop. Each item from your set is to be submitted individually. If you know how to create them, including the Source engine compilation files for your items is very helpful as it allows us to easily test your items. However, this is not required for your submission.

  • Required:
    • Model source formats: .QL, .OBJ, or .MT
    • Materials source formats: .TGA/.PSD
    • Correctly completed Notes Template
    • Anything else we should know?” section of theContribute Page filled out properly. See notes below for information.

Update this with information on how they officially submit to the Workshop for this contest. Can they tag their work with a custom tag? Add something to the title of their thread? Etc.




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