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the THRONE ROOM 1st place winner!

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We are finally announcing the top prize winner of the THRONE ROOM - a contest held at Polycount by the fine folks at Allegorithmic.

After nearly 500 threads made for the contest and over 100 entries submitted, ACeye & Desmera's the "Winged Throne" has taken the top spot!

For their winning entry, the artist have won...

  • Per teammate

    • Cintiq 13 HD ($1000)

    • NVIdia GTX 980 4GB graphic card ($550)

    • 3D Print of your Throne

  • Lifetime Premium access to Substance Pro Pack


HUGE congratulations to ACeye & Desmera for this entry and taking the top spot of the Throne Room art contest!


If you haven't yet, check out the 2nd and 3rd place winning entries here. And you'll find the 4th to 10th spot winners here.



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