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the THRONE ROOM 10th-4th place winners

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The folks at Allegorithmic are ready to start announcing the Top 10 winners of the THRONE ROOM contest they held here at Polycount. It was a massive, massive contest that saw 500 threads get made and 111 entries submitted. For an environment art contest that is huge! Congratulations to all those who participated and entered. And a HUGE congratulations to those who've won. In their own words, here is Allegorithmics announcement of the Top 10th to 4th place winners:

First of all, we'd like to thank everyone for taking part in this contest, either by creating fantastic art or by helping your fellow polycounters with feedback and support! 

Following the progress of more than 500 of you has really been a blast and the final entries are gorgeous. The jury had a hard time choosing the winners but time is of the essence, here are the artists who managed to access the 10th to 4th places.

4. Throne of Jade Emperor
5. Algor Mortis
6. King Frog Throne
7. A.C.C.P. Room
8. Seat of the Tinkerman
9. The Drug Lord's Throne Room
10. When 8-bit was King

The artists responsible for these entries have won life time access to Substance Live Pro. Congratulations!!!

And because you can't have all the good things at once the 3rd and 2nd places will be revealed tomorrow, and finally the Grand Winner will be announced on Thursday. With so many excellent entries, no one could predict with certainty who that will be, exciting time!

Once again, congratulations to all contestants, you can be proud of your work!


And there you have it - the 10th to 4th place winners of Allegorithmic's the THRONE ROOM contest. Come back tomorrow when we announce more winners!





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