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Robot Envy: Zenith

Art Books and Robots, what's not to love?

Robot Envy is an online community with thousands of fans and hundreds of artists coming together to celebrate the world’s best robot art. The idea launched back in 2012 with the successful kickstarter backing of a specialty sketchbook created by davpunk. Since then, the Robot Envy network has flourished, promoting a new artist every week. This “robolution” inspired a second sketchbook titled, “Robot Envy: Reconstruction,” which featured brand new sketches and designs from davpunk. Founder Dave Pasciuto (davpunk) said, “We have curated some really amazing artwork. It’s time to promote the creators and bring their work to life. This is why we launched Robot Envy: Zenith.”

Robot Envy: Zenith features a collection of the finest robot artwork in existence. One giant robot book; 60 incredible robot artists; illustrators and sculptors from 24 countries around the world. We feature some of the most inspiring artists today—like Dacosta, Brian Despain, Boris Bakliza, Emerson Tung, Bambino Monkey and Eric Joyner—just to name a few! The book itself is an impressive 8.5 x 11 (portrait orientation), hardcover, 196+ page, full-color art book. The interior pages will beautifully display all of the amazing artwork in vivid detail. No one has done this before until now. Hands down, this is coolest art book you can possibly own.

The campaign also has unique rewards like exclusive robot figures and sculpts from Mecha Zone, Just Robots, Eric Wilkerson and davpunk. As well as stickers, t-shirts, prints, original sketches and the previous limited-run Robot Envy books. Quintin Puebla, Robot Envy Aficionado says, “You can't find more variety in collaborative prizes if you tried!” These rewards and one-of-a-kind figures are only available through the Kickstarter project. With your help, we can bring this amazing book to you and robot fans everywhere! So join the Robolution and activate Robot Envy: Zenith today!

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