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Introducing the Polycount Tower

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We are extremely happy to announce a brand new project for all of us here at Polycount: The Polycount Tower. Powered by Sketchfab, this tower will be an on-going art project where any artist can participate in. Those who do participate will get their own floor in the tower to build whatever art project they'd like. Seriously. It's open to you and your imagination. Next gen? Low-poly? Cartoon? Real? Style? Theme? Story? Deadline? Specs? Teams? It's completely up to you.

The first iteration of the tower is just the beginning and as time goes on we'll be working with its inhabitants to bring brand new features to the Polycount Tower and those who view it. We're launching the tower now so that around the time of the Games Developer Conference, Sketchfab and Polycount will be able to showcase the strength of the video game art community to the rest of our industry.

If the Tower is something you'd like to participate in, head on over to the Project Page for full details and get started!


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