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Tshirt design contest for Polycount GDC 2015

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r13 founder

GDC is coming up soon, March 2nd through the 6th, and we've got a meetup planned with the Marmoset folks. [More info on that to come] We'd like to make it a little more special by giving out some t shirts as well to the polycounters that come to mark the occasion. But we can't just give out blank t shirts, no one would believe that you were actually there. So with that in mind, we need some sort of design[s] to print on these things. That leads us to a t shirt design contest!

The details:

We have done shirts more than once in the past. We typically do a front design of some sort of themed image and the back will have the event name, date and the sponsors logos.

This means for the design we need to meet the technical details of ensuring people know what awesome event this tshirt marks. This means the following must be included in every design submitted:

The letters:  "GDC" or the full "Game Developers Conference"
The date:  "2015"
The location:  San Francisco
Polycount [name and logo]
Marmoset [name and logo]

Then there is the matter of the themed image. We are going to make it really hard on you and not suggest a theme. You can do whatever you want! Wait before your head explodes, let's make sure we cover the basics.

No use of games or characters outside of your own design.
No nudity. Generally needs to be family friendly or you won't win. 
Must be awesome. That's sort of the point. 
1-3 colors maximum. It's a shirt not a canvas. 
Front and Back design preferred, but not needed.
Color of shirt to be printed is an option, but not needed. 
Image size is up to you, but the 3k-5k range is suggested.

These shirts will be given away for free at the meet up on a first come, first serve basis. They will not be available for sale and any left after the event will be used as supplemental prizes in our monthly contests in the future.

The Prizes:

For the winner:

We will ship them a few of the t shirts. One for them and one for their loved one or cat. Not both.

Marmoset is going to slide you a copy of ToolBag2

We'll fatten their game collection with 250 US dollars of Steam Cash. Create your own Febuary Steam Sale.

Plus we'll hook you up with one of the small Polycount Greentooth trophies.

There may or may not be a few honorable mentions. Depends on how well you do as t shirt designers. We don't want to get too deep with this as its a just t shirt contest.

The Judges:

The Marmoset and Polycount admins will be picking the winning design.

The Contest Forum:

We've set up a small forum here for you to submit your entries.

The Dates:

We are starting the contest effective immediately. We'll be shutting the gates on submissions at January 31st 11:59PM PST.


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