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There is a place in every kingdom and country where borders are shaped, wars fought, populations ruled and justice served. This place is the Throne Room. A gigantic stone chair carved in the back of a dark cave, relic from a long forgotten civilization? Maybe the modest wooden throne of an imaginary kingdom in the neighbor’s backyard? Or a shiny leather seat sitting in the center of the control room of a planet spaceship? It’s up to you.

As this new year begins, Allegorithmic is bringing you a new and long awaited environment art contest hosted on Polycount! A team of top artists from the industry will be in charge of judging your submissions, and to to make things better, the prize pool is rather substantial.

  • Contest starts January 12th, 2015 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time (PT)

  • The deadline for entries is March 31tst 2015 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time (PT)

  • Winners will be announced and posted on Polycount on April 8th, 2015 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)

  • Artists participating in this contest must be a member of the Polycount Community. Registration is free by clicking here

  • Up to 2 artists can enter for a single entry. You can team up with your BFF for this one!

  • A WIP (work-in-progress) thread must be made and maintained in the contest sub-forum for your discipline found here

  • Your WIP thread must be titled using this setup: THRONE ROOM - <name of throne room> - Artist/team name

    • E.g. THRONE ROOM - Game of Bones - 2Artizt
  • Please ask your questions regarding the overview, rules, judging, and prizes here, in the Throne Room Contest Q&A thread

  • The artwork submitted to this contest must be originally made for this contest. No existing art work will be accepted

  • The jury is the sole judge of the contest and the judgment will be final

  • When you’re ready to submit your final entry, head over to the contest submission page here.

  • For the official contest rules, click here

  • For the occasion, anyone starting a WIP thread for the contest will have free access to both Substance Designer and Substance Painter for the duration of the contest.





Mission: Create a full fledged small to medium scale environment representing a Throne Room.

  • The environment can feature any number of props, statues, vegetation, but no living character.

  • There are no hard limits on polycounts or texture sizes but use your best judgement to keep it reasonable and logical.

What to deliver

  • The submission will include:

    • 3 beauty shots of the final environment taken from the real time engine of your choice.

    • A construction shot of the throne itself, showing the high poly mesh, low poly mesh with wireframe and texture sheets, as well as a concept drawing or reference sample if applicable.



The jury will focus its attention on the following aspects:

  • Presentation - Wow the jury with some truly breathtaking environments!

  • Originality - The judges probably don’t want to see 50 versions of the same Iron Throne…

  • Technical mastery and craft - Work cleanly and show that you can come up with smart, creative solutions to the challenges you encounter along the way.

  • WIP constancy - The more you document your creation process, the more others can learn from you!

  • Substance - Using the Substance toolset is absolutely not mandatory, but a smart use of the tools for any part of your environment will get you extra points.



Rogelio Olguin
Environment Texture Artist


Raouf Bejaoui
Senior Technical Artist - Splash Damage


Guillaume Cerdan
Associate Technical Art Director - Ubisoft


Laurens Corijn
Technical Art Director - EA DICE


Wes McDermott
Substance Ninja - Allegorithmic



Cyril Jover
Senior Technical Artist - DONTNOD Entertainment



1st Place

  • Individual

    • CubePro Duo Professional 3D Printer ($3500)

  • Team (per teammate)

    • Cintiq 13 HD ($1000)

    • NVIdia GTX 980 4GB graphic card ($550)

    • 3D Print of your Throne

  • Lifetime Premium access to Substance Pro Pack

2nd Place

  • Individual

    • Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet ($2000)

  • Team (per teammate)

    • Yiynova 19” Tablet Monitor ($500)

    • NVIdia GTX 980 4GB graphic card ($550)

  • 3D Print of your Throne

  • Lifetime Premium access to Substance Pro Pack


3rd Place

  • Individual

    • NVIdia GTX 980 4GB graphic card ($550)

  • Team (per teammate)

    • 1 year Basic Membership on GameTextures.com ($230)

  • 3D Print of your Throne

  • Lifetime Premium access to Substance Pro Pack


4th to 10th Place

  • Lifetime Premium access to Substance Pro Pack

In addition to the prizes, the 20 first entries will be featured and relayed by Allegorithmic on social media and on our newsletter.

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