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Arms and Armor Winners!

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Quixel, Moddler, Polycount and Torn Banner are proud to announce the winners of the Arms and Armor Steam Workshop competition. The goals of the contest were to create original items for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Each winner will have their items placed in the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare store and will receive royalty payments from their items. They will also be receiving a free copy of Quixel Suite. The winners in each category are as follows:





NOTE: If any of these artists used Quixel Suite in the creation of these submissions, they will get their render put into the Quixel Gallery!

Grand Prize winner, receiving a 3d print of their model by moddler worth up to $500!


Dark Ornate by Scoot_da_Poot


Representatives from Quixel, Moddler, and Torn Banner will reach out to the winners via the email associated with their Polycount account to organize the delivery of their prizes.

A Big thanks to our sponsors Quixel and Moddler, and thanks to Polycount for putting the contest on! Last but not least thanks to all the participants! do check out the next steps post in our forum for some interesting announcements if you participated.

For next steps check out the post here


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