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Petrol/Blood - Top 3 Winners

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Quixel, Marmoset, and Polycount are pleased to be announcing the winners of our Petrol/Blood contest. This contest asked artists to create a depiction between a rider/pilot and their mount/vehicle as if they are participants in a vehicle deathmatch tournament. Emphasis was on next-gen PBR rendering systems and artists were asked to use the Quixel Suite and Marmoset's Toolbag 2 for their entries.

The prizes for this contest were as follows:

  • Polycount will be providing all winners with Greentooth Trophies
  • Quixel will provide the winners with keys to the Quixel Suite.
    • The team responsible for the #1 entry will also be awarded their choice of an Xbox One or PS4, as well as one game for that system.
  • Marmoset will be awarding the winners with full Toolbag 2 licenses (up-to 2 licenses per team depending on team size). In addition to this, Marmoset will be offering Newegg.com gift cards:
    • 1st place: $300
    • 2nd place: $125
    • 3rd place: $75

NOTE: Representatives from Quixel, Marmoset, and Polycount will reach out to the winners via the email associated with their Polycount account to organize the delivery of their prizes.

Judging for Petrol/Blood was simple: The Polycount community voted on their favourite 3 entries for this contest. From that poll, the Top 10 results were sent to Marmoset, Quixel, and Polycount where representatives of those companies voted on their favourite 3 entries. The Top 3 results from that poll would be declared the winner. For Petrol/Blood there was a tie for second place. The community votes were used as a tie breaker.

The winners of Petrol/Blood are:



Geno527 & Jean Valjean




Alex04se & Asverus3D


Quixel, Marmoset, and Polycount judges:

  1. Geno527 & Jean Valjean
  2. jips (tie)
  3. Alex04se's & Asverus3D (tie)
  4. Bbox85
  5. BeardyDan & Timbo
  6. Arsenal
  7. Sampo
  8. Turbinea
  9. audi100
  10. Safemilk(Daniel)

Community vote:

  1. Bbox85
  2. jips (tie breaker)
  3. Alex04se & Asverus3D
  4. Geno527 & Jean Valjean
  5. BeardyDan & Timbo
  6. Arsenal
  7. Turbinea
  8. Audi100
  9. Safemilk(Daniel)
  10. Sampo

Congratulations once again to everyone who participated in Petrol/Blood and a HUGE congratulations to the 3 teams who won the event. If you're interested in participating in a Polycount contest, be sure to check out our Arms & Armor contest for Chivalry's Steam Workshop.


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