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UT Master Challenge: CONCEPT Winners!

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We really happy to be announcing today the winners to Polycount's first ever all-2D contest: Unreal Tournament Master Challenge: Concept Art. As a reminder, the winners of this contest have won the following prizes:

Epic Games prizes

  • All entries that Epic chooses as a winner will receive a round of feedback from Chris Perna, Art Director at Epic Games. You will then have the opportunity to produce a few more concepts to fully flesh out your vision for the theme or level.

  • All entries that Epic Games accepts for use will receive official credit as a ‘Concept Artist’ on the new Unreal Tournament game.

  • Any entry submitted to the contest has a chance to be featured in an upcoming Unreal Tournament art book to be published by Epic. Each artist who had a winning entry will have an opportunity to write about their entry. As well, they will receive a hard copy of the book signed by the team at Epic.


Polycount prizes

  • All winning entries will receive a full size Greentooth Trophy

  • Polycount Choice: Polycount will also pick a single entry as our own favorite and award them with one of the following of the winner’s choice: A New-generation console (Xbox One or PS4) or Occulus Rift DK2 kit. If you are outside of North America, you will receive the cash equivalent.


A note to the artists who have won: You will be contacted by Epic Games & Polycount via the email associated to your account.


Gooba's Old Space


Citlaet's Derelict Facility / Water Platform


Lefaust's Mid-Tech Industrial


Lil_Elvis' Corrosion


Griffin's Lifted










Sergey Seem










The Polycount Choice award was chosen by Drew, Seth, and Adam from Polycount under the criteria of what we felt spoke the best to Unreal Tournament and where we think the franchise is going, based on Epic's showing of the game so far. Our choice has a clean, clinical science-fiction theme to it that we think would work really well for an arena combat style of game like Unreal Tournament. Based on that, we're giving the Polycount Choice award to Gooba for their entry, which also won First place from Epic!

Gooba's Old Space -- Congratulations!!!


Congratulations to everyone who participated in the contest and a HUGE congratulations to those who won! If you're looking for more contests at Polycount, be sure to check out our 3D contest for Chivalry's Steam Workshop: Arms & Armor. If you'd like to contact Polycount for anything pertaining to this contest, any of our other contests, or really for any reason you'd like you can send mail to wizards(AT)polycount(DOT)com.

A note to the artists who have won: You will be contacted by Epic Games & Polycount via the email associated to your account. If this email is no longer your email address please contact Adam here - adam(AT)polycount(DOT)com.


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