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Krita 2.8

Krita is an free opensource digital painting app, you should check it out and help shape its future

I don't know about you, but I barely scratch the surface of photoshop features, they don't seem to apply to what I like to use photoshop for, digital painting. I've always been kind of let down by its lack of focus in this area. It gets the job done but still I'm always keeping my eye out for something that works better and Krita might be it. So far I really like it and I like that they are open to community input. It's a little light on features but that's where we (the community) come into play.

Since it's free you can try it out and see how you like it, offer up your 2 cents and if you want to help expand it they have a KickStarter campaign going.

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Thanks Ponk for letting us know =)



  • Home
    :D great app, they have come really far in the last few years, when Krita was released for Windows it was pretty slow and unstable in some cases...the Krita team and the community has made great strides these couple of years..

    these are the guys that you want to support, if you ever want to see photoshop dethroned, or a much better alternative than GIMP :P

    anwyay, I am definitely supporting the kickstarter :D
  • Macrow
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    Macrow polycounter lvl 8
    I've been promoting Krita's Kickstarter everywhere in social medoa, but not here--one of the best places to promote this crowdfunding effort. Nice move, Ponk. :)

    I simply love Krita. I plan to support this campaign in full.
  • Macrow
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    Macrow polycounter lvl 8
    *social media :P
  • AlexKola
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    AlexKola polycounter lvl 9
    Looks like it has all of the basic photoshop functions. One question.. Can you draw in symmetry?
  • James Ordner
    Yes Alex, all kinds of symmetry, not just across the x and/or y axis.
  • Sinking
    This program is absolutely stunning! Thank you for posting this, I can't believe I never saw it. It's hard to compare to Photoshop, a little more like Painter, but with an absolutely accurate feel to its brushes + pressure sensitivity. Even my first tries came out really nice. I just wish there was some info about making Wacom Presets for it. I feel like my current Wacom Setup fpr Krita is lacking, but hey - this is only the beginning. I'll be using this in the future and probably gonna look at the commercial version, too.

  • Ponk
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    Ponk polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for posting this Mark. I'm sure this software deserve more attention and eventually become better tool than photoshop (in terms of digital painting, texturing ect of course).
    For now they gathered nearly half of money for first goal but it will be great if they reach second stretch goal - mac OSX support. With this they may become serious alternative for most people who use PS now.
    Let's make it happen guys! :)
  • Macrow
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    Macrow polycounter lvl 8
    Yeah, AlexKola, Krita has some of the best symmetry features around, including radial symmetry, a tiled drawing mode (for painting tiled textures), and allowing you to pinpoint the focal point of your symmetry drawing.

    A lot of thought has gone into Krita ever since its conception years ago, tailoring to a design for the artist first, and it just keeps growing. Hopefully, with this Kickstarter, it'll reach its next level of definitiveness. :)
  • JauntyTunes
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    JauntyTunes polycounter lvl 8
    Wait, now I can paint with symmetry and not have to use Alchemy or Zbrush?

    GG Adobe... GG...
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