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The Solus Project

An in-depth look at some of the new tools UE4 has to offer

Veteran Unreal Engine artist Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong recently released his first set of in-depth UE4 videos. With about 12 hours of video and downloadable example content, Sjoerd uses his latest project, Solus, to show users how to approach bigger projects in Unreal 4 and some of the various new features it has to offer.


Solus Overview - Part 1 to 3

Solus Example Project


  • My folder structure and naming conventions
  • Some all purpose meshes and textures.
  • Over a dozen of my Light IES Textures
  • A Material Function Library with 20′ish material setups I use often.
  • Some of my material setups
  • My entire day and night alien sky system (!) – No weather is included in it though.
  • The Blueprints for the player and various other key parts.
  • Some of my sounds, effects, and so on.


The Solus Project in-depth

Using the modular and easy to use modular environment assets from Solus, this video introduces you to everything you need to know to build basic environments in Unreal Engine 4. Besides covering how to build environments using modular meshes, the video also goes over how to create a landscape, apply foliage, how to best apply the UE4 reflection system, lighting and its performance considerations, and how to keep track and organize your levels.


Starting from the basics, and building upon the free Solus Example project, this beginners video starts off by talking you through creating a door for Solus. First one that is set up in the level, then one that is set up in a separate Blueprint. Following that you will be building a pressure plate to control the door, and following that the video covers how to build a basic item system. Detecting, highlighting, and picking up rocks in the world, and place them on the pressure plate to keep the door open permanently.


Continues upon the Blueprint Introduction video. Using the same content and the Blueprint scripts set up in that introduction video, this video steps it up a couple of notches. This advanced video dives deeper into Blueprint and touches on topics such as Macros, Functions, Arrays, and complex networks.

The eventual outcome of this video is having a player who can take damage, die, respawn, enable checkpoints, pick up and switch between multiple items, and who can combine a pipe with branches and fire to create a torch.


To read more about The Solus Project and to check out all the content Hourences has to offer head over to www.hourences.com.


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