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Handplane Moving To Freeware

Handplane's next update will shift to freeware

With it's next update, the popular normal map tool Handplane will be changing to a freeware license. For anyone who may have missed it, here's the full announcement from Handplane's latest promotional email...


"Thanks to the generosity of the steam workshop community we are able to make handplane a freeware tool. The next version we release will not contain a licensing system- in the short term I have created a license file that can be downloaded from the handplane website: http://www.handplane3d.com.

We are also in the process of creating a steam version of the tool. Steam is a great platform and it will allow us to do smaller and more frequent updates. We will continue to provide builds for direct download from the website for developers who don't have steam running on their workstations.

If you have any questions about the transition to freeware or handplane in general  email me directly at alecmoody@gmail.com.

Check out our youtube channel for normal mapping and handplane related training content: youtube.com/handplane3d."

For any questions or comments, don't forget to check out our Official Handplane Thread.


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