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MINI-GOLF! Voting has begun!

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We are very happy to announce that you can note vote on your 3 favourite entries to MINI-GOLF: A Polycount Contest powered by Havok. Head on over to the voting page to cast your votes!

As a reminder, here are the notes on voting, winners, and the prizes available for this contest.

  • The Polycount community will vote for their Top 3 entries from the final submissions thread.
  • The Top 15 winners as voted on by the Polycount community will be sent to Havok where they will choose up-to 9 winning entries for this contest.
  • Up-to 9 winners will receive a special edition ‘Golfball’ Greentooth Polycount trophy and have their mini-golf hole displayed at Havok’s 2014 GDC booth.
  • In addition to the above prizes, the Top 5 winners will receive pre-paid American Express gift cards (Cash!).
  • Winners of this contest will receive a pre-paid American Express gift card and their entry will be on display at Havok’s GDC 2014 booth.
    • 1st @ $750 pre-paid AMEX gift card (USD)
    • 2nd @ $600 pre-paid AMEX gift card (USD)
    • 3rd @ $500 pre-paid AMEX gift card (USD)
    • 4th @ $400 pre-paid AMEX gift card (USD)
    • 5th @ $300 pre-paid AMEX gift card (USD)

The polls will be close on Sunday, March 2nd @ 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5) -- so act fast. Good luck to everyone who has entered!



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