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Fuse: Universal Character Creator by Mixamo

Mixamo's newest software has been officially released.

Mixamo unveils its new release of Fuse, its Universal Character Creator. Unique high-quality characters can now be created in minutes though a very intuitive interface and then seamlessly rigged and animated using Mixamo service. The release adds a ton of new assets and the ability of importing textures. Fuse is available at www.mixamo.com/fuse, more info can be found on the Mixamo blog.


  • Makkon
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    Makkon interpolator
    We just got this at work, excited to put it to good use!
  • dogzer
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    dogzer polycounter lvl 8
    damn.. this is good
  • Mebvis
    Now i have some questions about this? From my point of view his app looks amazing. Creating a base-mesh like this would save me a lot of time. My question is to all the awesome zbrushers out there. How important is to to learn how to create this stuff from scratch?
  • shinkicker
    I bought fuse, however not so much for the app, but for the free autorig you get each week on their site.

    There autorig service has blown me away. Upload an OBJ, place the main bones and then you have a fully rigged character to use in game. You can also add a animation on the site and pull it down as an FBX file. I was very impressed, using the idle pose you could see very fine finger movements and a really well mo'caped AAA quality animation applied to your model.

    I think they only thing they need to improve is having more animations available. You get a basic walk, run, jump, idle and then a couple of zombie anims and gangnam style dance. You're going to find that area is very limiting. If you want to use more then it starts to get a little expensive and the all access is $1500. This will hit students and hobbyists a bit to hard in the pocket, unlike people hoping to sell a game.

    So if they could just increase the free animation sets available to around 20-40 to the people who have bought fuse, then this would be a perfect solution. Otherwise it does feel a bit like a gateway into getting you to buy more content from there main service.
  • Thousand
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    Thousand polycounter lvl 9

    I really like the concept behind mixamo - and the autorigger is AAA+++

    the only thing that´s cunfusing me is, that mixamo changes it´s pricing policy all the time, and the worst thing: credits expire (that´s no joke, I was told that the reason is to avoid people from hording credits, that´s just pathetic, if you ask me).

    there was a time when you could rig chars below 15k tris for free, then this was removed while introducing 2 free rigs per custumer, now we have one free rig per week, if we purchase fuse (do we have to purchase it on steam, to get 1 free rig per week?) - and how long will we get 1 free rig per week?

    As long as I get one free rig per week, I will puchase fuse immediatly (even if I need maybe 1 free rig per month) - but as pointed out before, I am not sure, if they will change their pricing next week.
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