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The New Gamedev Cast

New design, new features, new content

Our friends at The GameDev Cast have been hard at work planning the future of their website and with the start of the new year are ready to introduce it to the community. In addition to a new and improved interface, site features, and content, The GameDev Cast is also relaunching themselves as a platform for game developers to submit their own content including news articles, development blogs, art showcases and more. To help get things started they would like to put out a call for writers. If you would like to contribute your thoughts on anything related to game development, this is a great opportunity to have your content advertised to the community. You can read more about their plans and new website features here.

Along with the new content and features, The GameDev Cast will also be streaming a special 2013 recap episode live on Youtube, this Sunday, January 12th, at 8pm GMT +1. The hosts will be discussing a list of topics as well as taking questions live during the recording. The guest list and topics will be posted on various social feeds throughout the weekend leading up to the show.

Be sure to subscribe the The GameDev Cast's Polycount thread to see future updates and announcements.

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