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Ana Kessel is a kick ass artists that was recently hit by a guy driving without a license. She lost her leg and she could use your help and support

"...If you would ever meet Ana the first thing that would come to mind is how talented of an artist she is both traditionally and in the Computer Graphics world. Being a Computer Graphics artist was her dream and nothing was stopping her from reaching the top. Right out of school she received an internship with Insomniac Games, one of the leading gaming companies in the United States. She was onto bigger and better journeys when she was struck by this tragic accident.

Ana is at Wake Med in North Carolina recovering from a serious car injury. Her leg has been amputated as a result of the crash in which a man without a license hit her and then fled the scene. She will be in and out of surgery for the next few days. When she wakes up she will endure a life changing moment. Losing a limb is never an easy obstacle to overcome..."

Read more about her story and donate if you can, HERE.

Her site: http://anakessel.weebly.com/gallery.html

We are talking about it, HERE.


Thanks onizuka92 for letting us know.


  • Macrow
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    Macrow polycounter lvl 8
    Man, I am terribly sad to hear this. I hope she's able to come to cope with this completely-unexpected, life-changing situation in her life. She's so young, talented, and beautiful, just starting her life. Waking up to something like this, it's something that might be very difficult to cope with, and for me, it's just hard to imagine. I hope she keeps strength in recovering and doesn't let this stop her in her promising future. I wish her and her family comfort during this time. And I hope that loser who hit her sees the full strength of justice for his sheer irresponsibility. Polycount's with you, Ana.
  • Lando_Mange
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    Lando_Mange polycounter lvl 9
    Donated directly. As a Swede, I can only try to understand what a horrible thing it must be to first lose your leg, and then have to pay the bills for the whole thing. In Sweden, the medical treatments for all citizens are payed for by the state, from our taxes. So, it felt natural to donate! Best wishes from both of the Land Bros here on Polycount Lando_Mange and Lando_Viggo! Hope you get better soon!
  • purehilarity
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    purehilarity polycounter lvl 6
    Perhaps it's time to update the info on the gofundme page so it doesn't seem she's still in a coma? The people who helped might like to know.
  • Thousand
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    Thousand polycounter lvl 9
    I remember my painting teacher, who had lost an arm and half of his leg in war, telling the students: "You don´t have any idea, how big the world still is with only one arm left."
    all the best!
  • DanArt
    Please Comment after Donating, let's help one of our own!
  • Melodeus
    Almost brought me to tears until I saw that she wasn't fatally wounded. Thank goodness... When she wakes, I hope that the first thing that she sees are the comments of the people whom have given to her hope. She's going to go far, regardless of this situation.
  • onizuka92
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    onizuka92 polycounter lvl 9
    just want you all to know she is recovering at home now.
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