Know 3dsmax? Want to Learn Maya?

Bradley "Professor Poly" Wascher put together a series of lectures for Max users looking to learn Maya.

"Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you a video tutorial class I created for learning Maya if you already know 3ds max. If you need to learn Maya for a new job or just a student that is trying to get ahead of the curve this video series should get you up to speed quick. 

Polycount has been a great resource to me through out the years so I've created a discount code "polycount" for anyone that wants to pick it up on the cheap. If you guys have any feedback or want to see more tutorials like this let me know. Thanks! "

After the polycount discount it works out to about $20. Quite a few polycounters have switched back and forth over the years and it's always a cobbled together nightmare. This hits the nail on the head for Max users looking to learn Maya. For $20 you can stop sifting through all of the noobish youtube tutorials put together by people who shouldn't be making tutorials and get the info you need, when you need it. Not a bad deal for life time access, even if you're a Maya user you might want to check it out, there are typically some hidden gems in these types of things that you never knew about.

Check out the course HERE.

We are talking about it HERE.


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