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the VG Remix Top 20!

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On July 22nd, 2013 we launched a 3 week contest, the VG Remix.The Polycount Community was tasked with creating lowpoly 3D dioramas of their favorite videogames while using Sketchfab as a means to display their diorama. From there, the Polycount community voted on their favourite Top 3 entries, who will each walk away with Sketchfab Premium accounts, swag, and a gold, silver or bronze Greentooth Trophy!

So, without further ado, your Top 20 entries for Polycount's VGRemix contest!







Congratulations to the Top 20 VG Remix dioramas! Seeing them all together in Sketchfab's VG Remix Top 20 Gallery is amazing!  (Seriously, if you love videogame art you'd be a fool to not check out that gallery. It's one badass diorama after another!)

Here is your Top 20:

  1. brenly's "OCTOPUS"
  2. Crimson's "Dark Souls: New Leaf"
  3. glenatron's "Skyrim"
  4. Daniel Duy's "God of War 3 Tactics Advance"
  5. haZe's "the Last of Us"
  6. AzzaMat's "Dishonorama"
  7. klamp's "Advance Wars: VG Remix"
  8. Spacey's "Blaster Master"
  9. mafubash's "Breath of Fire 3"
  10. Impala88's "World of Warcraft - Battle with Yogg Saron"
  11. St4lis' "Far Cry 3"
  12. Mino's "Rock N Roll Racing"
  13. mariomanzanaeres' "Kingdom Hearts Remix"
  14. Draygo00's "Need For Speed Most Wanted"
  15. pikpiak's "Advance Wars 2"
  16. deadpixl's "Shadowrun"
  17. hopgood's "the Secret of Monkey Island"
  18. HTobitt's "Shadow of the Colossus - Gaius"
  19. Escalator's "War Thunder"
  20. chrisundrum's "Pokemon Gym Battle"

The Top 3 winners will be contacted by the Polycount team so you can claim your prizes. Congratulations once again!


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